Our Vision 

EAT South is part of a blossoming movement that is influencing communities all across the country.  In all corners of the nation, schools, after school programs, childcare centers, non-profits and other institutions are addressing a multitude of food issues  by using farms and gardens.  We believe all children in the state of Alabama, and across the southeast, deserve to learn how to grow, prepare, and have access to fresh, local food.  

Our Programs

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Montessori School at Hampstead; Montessori at the Farm

This collaborative program provides five Montessori classes with weekly hands-on, experiential education at the Hampstead Farm.  Students walk across Hampstead's town square to Hampstead Farms and learn about farm ecology, health and nutrition and gardening.  The Toddlers have a first-hand experience with their food by touching and tasting food at the farm.  The Primary students begin scientific exploration at the farm. The Elementary students learn everything bed preparation to chicken anatomy and cooking. All the programs focus on bridging the gap between our children and eating healthy fresh food.  Follow the daily blog at www.montessorifarmers.blogspot.com