EAT South Pays for its Operations through Specific Sources of Income:

Produce Sales: We generate approximately 20% of our total income through sales of the produce we grow on our two urban farms.

Education Programs: We provide a wide variety of programs to the community.  We cover our staff time for planning and running the programs by charging a modest fee for the programs.  We generate about 5% of our total income through program service fee. 

Events: We have a couple of events throughout the year that help us cover our expenses.  These events generate about 10% of our total income.

Corporate Support: We have a number of incredible companies that donate each year to help us cover about 25% of our income.

Grants: We write grant requests to local, regional, and national organizations seeking funding to help us start new education programs or improve existing programs.  These generate about 20% of our total income. 

Individual Contributions: We have hundreds of local community members that help us generate about 20% of our total annual income.