Community Garden Training Program

2016 Cooperative Partnership with The Wellness Coalition

"Give a Man a Fish, and you Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and you Feed Him for a Lifetime"

In 2016, E.A.T. South received Year 2 of the REACH Grant to support and develop community gardens while providing garden-based education in faith-based organizations within the tri-county area. This initiative aims to increase access to fresh produce by teaching adults who live in targeted areas deemed as food insecure or food deserts to grow their own food. E.A.T. South partnered with churches in 2 communities in which we work with the church to design and build the garden as well as build community interest and attendance to monthly gardening education workshops. Participating churches include: Capitol Heights United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama and Washington Chapel A.M.E. in Tuskegee.

Eliminating Barriers to Fresh Produce

2015 Cooperative Partnership with CARPDC and The Wellness Coalition.

Do I spy fresh produce located directly under the meat sticks? YES, you do!

In efforts to increase the affordability and accessibility of fresh produce to Montgomery and surrounding area communities, CARPDC, E.A.T. South and The Wellness Coalition have teamed up to support small corner store operators to incorporate fresh produce into their sales items.  As one of our guiding principles is food justice, E.A.T. South is honored to be part of this worthy effort by providing cooking demonstrations at each of the five corner stores providing fresh produce. Please contact us with any questions regarding location of the stores and or any other questions. 

  • A recent study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analyzed evaluations of 16 corner store interventions and found that, on average, produce sales increased by 25 percent to 50 percent (ChangeLab Solutions, 2015).
    Learn more about this great public health initiative here.