Honey Bees

Why should we care about bees?

Put simply, without bees and other insects like bees, we would not have food. Bees are pollinators in the garden. As they take in nectar from flowers, pollen sticks to their bodies and travel from female to male parts of the flower. 

How do bees make honey?

When you eat honey, you are eating bee vomit! No, really! Check ou the video above to learn more!

Honey is very nutritious, packing almost all the crucial nutrients our body needs! Eating locally-sourced raw honey helps build your immune system--especially towards that pesky pollen that causes allergic reactions in the spring! What a bonus that it's so delicious!

Bee Activity Worksheets

Quiz Puzzle: https://www.buzzaboutbees.net/support-files/answersearch.pdf

Picture Match: https://www.buzzaboutbees.net/support-files/matchthebees.pdf

What is the role of each honey bee?

There are 3 types of honey bees in a hive:

1. The Queen Bee whose role is to lay the eggs. It doesn't sound like much work but the Queen actually lays hundreds of thousands of eggs each year! The Queen is the only honey bee whose stinger remains in tact after she stings. Unlike other bees, that means she stays alive after stinging. She doesn't sting humans, however. The role of her stinger is to sting any new potential queens once she has hatched from her egg--that way, she's the only Queen of the hive! Once she's mated with a Drone, she will never sting again!

2. The Drone whose role is to mate with the Queen. The Drone can venture to multiple hives. He doesn't have  a stinger.

3. The Worker bee is the one you see the most! The Worker bee gathers nectar, pollinates the flowers, takes care of young bees, makes the honey...whew. Guess you see why they are called worker bees huh?