In praise of beets

The blog is back because we need to talk about beets. We have a lot of beets at the farm that need to find a place in your kitchen. Plus, beets are delicious and high in all kinds of things like iron that are good for you. It’s time to eat your beets, friends. This Saturday, at the Curb Market, we’ll have bulk beets (in four colors) that are just the right size for roasting and pickling. Beets without greens will keep for a few weeks in the crisper drawer of your fridge. If you want several pounds for pickling, you can place a special order at or call/text 503-753-5006.

To get you thinking about your weekend beets, here’s some delicious beet-spiration.

Raw Beets - Grate raw beets to add to your favorite slaw recipe. Try them with carrots to make a pink carrot-raisin salad.

Roasted Beets - Beets are easy to roast (no peeling necessary). Check out this tutorial for roasting beets in the oven or wrap them in a paper towel and microwave them.

Enjoy roasted beets hot with a little salt or keep them in the fridge to add to salads. I like cold beets with olive oil, salt, and toasted pecans or walnuts. You can even turn your beets into chocolate cake

Farmers Market Beet Quesadillas (This recipe was given to me by a customer at the Montgomery Curb Market. Thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t get your name. Please stop by and introduce yourself.)

Tablespoon oil

1-2 beets, peeled, raw and thinly sliced

½ sweet onion chopped

½ tsp each chili powder, cumin, oregano or to taste

Salt to taste

Grated Monterrey Jack or Cheddar Cheese


Heat oil, saute beets and onions in oil for 6 min or so. Add seasonings and water. Cook for about 3 min. In a separate pan, heat tortillas. Sprinkle half of the tortilla with cheese. Add beet/onion mixture. Fold tortilla over beets and cheese. Slide quesadilla onto a plate, cut and enjoy!

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