Tool Talk for All

In case you missed the February 5 workshop, Tool Talk for All, we explored different tools and their uses, tried out colinear and stirrup hoes, talked about saving your back while shoveling, and sharpened some pruners, shovels and hoes. 

The resource list from the workshop follows. We've included links to companies that sell harder-to-find tools like the Japanese digging tool called an Hori Hori or the colinear hoe. You can also find great tools locally at garden stores. Buy the best tool you can afford (local companies that primarily sell to contractors like Bear Lumber also sell higher quality shovels and rakes), take care of your tools, and they will last a lifetime.

How-To Videos

Selecting the Right Shovel, Video, Bob Denman, Fine Gardening - Learn all about shovels and how to pick the right shovel for you in 4 minutes.

How to Use a Shovel Safely, Video, Bob Denman, Fine Gardening - Learn the proper way to dig a hole.  Seriously, there's a right way.

How to Sharpen Pruning Shears, A short YouTube video explains how to sharpen hand pruners.

Innovations in tools for small farms/gardens

Farm Hack - Website dedicated to sharing information on high tech and low tech tools for the small farm. 

Farm Hand Writes - Farmer and tool designer Josh Volk’s blog that includes information about DIY tools for small farms including plans for a farm cart. Farm Hand Carts also has free cart plans.

Sources for tools

Johnny’s Selected Seeds - Sells harvest knives, hoes, seeds and more.

Rogue Hoes - Heavy duty, long lasting hoes

Red Pig Tools - Former Corona tool designer and blacksmith makes hand forged garden tools and sells tools from other companies.

Hida Tools - Imports garden, woodworking and kitchen tools from Japan. Source for high quality weeding tools and Hori Hori garden knife.

Garden Tool Company - Source for American-made and European garden tools, lots of tool eye candy, a little beyond your farmer's budget, but fun to look at.

Tool Care

Best Oil for Garden Tools? from Garden Tool Company

Garden Tool Care and Maintenance from Garden Tool Company, good tool cleaning summary

Make Your Own Self Cleaning Garden Tool Holder, plans for making a sand-and-oil tool cleaner. Use a larger container for larger tools. You can also use boiled linseed oil instead of mineral oil, and some people use motor oil.

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