Maybe you stopped by the farm on a Sunday or after work only to find it locked. What gives? For years, we’ve kept the farm open, all hours, all days, but this year, we’ve experienced multiple thefts - money earned from the farmers market, staff wallets, and most recently about $700 in tools we were using to build our office. We have to lock the gates as an added level of security. We can’t afford to keep them open.

We don’t like this decision. Part of our vision for the farm is as a place for you, our community, to relax, learn, or spend time with family. We staff love nothing more than to arrive at the farm to find people taking a lunch break or families visiting the chickens, but the “always open” policy is draining our limited organizational resources.

Even with the theft, we will move into our new caboose office in the next two weeks. When our staff is on site, you will find the gates open Monday - Friday from about 8 am until 5 pm, and on the first and third Saturdays from 8 - 12.

Want to keep the farm open longer? Here’s how you can help:

  • Volunteer to staff the Montgomery Curb Market booth one Saturday a month. While you’re keeping our booth open, Farmer Caylor can keep the farm open. We’ll train you, and you’re likely to leave with produce, too. Email farmer@eatsouth.org if you’re interested.

  • Donate. Ok, we’re a nonprofit, and we nonprofits ask for money, but it’s what you give that pays for workshops, for school field trips, for having a farmer on site to give a tour or answer questions. Your contribution helps keep the gates open.

Caylor RolingComment