What is Seedy Saturday?

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Seedy Saturday is a fun, free, community event at E.A.T. South this Saturday, February 24 from 10 am to 12 pm. Overall, it’s a seed seed swap but a lot more is going on - from kids’ activities to a book sale. Want to know more? We've created a little Seedy Saturday FAQ.

What kinds of seeds will you have? We don’t know. The types and numbers of seeds will depend on what you and others bring. One person is bringing tomato seeds. E.A.T. South has a lot of bean seeds. We'll probably have sunflower and loofa seeds, too.

If I don't have any seeds to share, can I still come? Yes! There should be enough seeds for all.

Do the seeds have to be heirlooms like from my Grandma? You are more than welcome to bring seeds you’ve collected and kept in your family. That would be awesome, but that’s not required. It’s easy to end up with more seeds than you can actually plant. Seedy Saturday is a chance for those extra seeds to find new homes. Everyone can leave with new seeds and new varieties for their gardens and save some money, too!

What’s there for the kids? The first thirty children who come to the event will receive a free Soil Heroes coloring book. We are organizing a whole kids’ craft area where they can make mini greenhouses, feed sack sit-upons, and design their own plant id tags. We'll also have a story time with Wes Little, the Coliseum Branch Library's children's librarian and seed library steward. The farm is also a fun place to visit with chickens and play games.

It says “book sale.” What’s that all about? Many generous community members have donated books to E.A.T. South over the years. This summer we moved our office into our caboose which means we have less space for books. We’re offering you a chance to take home great cooking, gardening and craft books. Nothing is more than $5.

Why is it called Seedy Saturday? In the 1990s, gardeners in Canada and Great Britain started getting together in February to swap seeds. They called it Seedy Sunday, but this is Alabama where we know Sundays aren’t seedy! We thought a Saturday seed swap on the farm would be a fun annual event. Help us make it a success!

How do I find E.A.T. South? We’re located behind the Montgomery Advertiser, below Overlook/Wright Brothers Park, downtown next to the railroad tracks. The street address is 485 Molton Street, but we’re not on Molton. From Molton, turn into the Montgomery Advertiser parking lot. Drive between the two Advertiser buildings, and you’ll see our red caboose.

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