Seedy Saturday Recap & Resources

Telling Seed Stories

Telling Seed Stories

Our second ever Seedy Saturday was a blast! Thank you to everyone who brought seeds, discovered new seeds, and especially to the volunteers who organized the cooking demo, staffed the kids’ table, kept the seed swap going, made sure the snacks were fresh and welcomed guests.

At E.A.T. South, we make sure we back-up our programs with great resources to keep your garden growing. At Seedy Saturday, we educate about seeds, saving seeds, storing seeds, starting seeds and eating seeds. Here’s your brief tour of a few of the topics we highlighted on Seedy Saturday. Recipes from the cooking demo are in the next post.


About Seed Storage and Longevity

Seed Storage Guide, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Describes how to properly store seeds and lists the approximate life/viability of more than 100 vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Sweet Potato Slips

Starting Sweet Potatoes, University of Maryland Extension, Many of you took home sweet potato roots. This Extension resource includes a how-to video to help you start your own sweet potato slips.

Make Your Own Wooden Seed Flats

How to Start Plants in Wooden Flats - John Jeavons Grow Biointensive YouTube Channel, John Jeavons details how to build wooden flats in his book How to Grow More Vegetables

Let’s Build Seedling Flats,  Whirlaway Farm & Garden Blog, step-by-step wooden flat building with pictures!

More Seedy Recycling

How to Make Paper Seed Pots, The Art of Doing Stuff, Picture guide to making paper pots using recessed-bottom bottles aka wine bottles

DIY Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting, video, how to fold square seed pots. No wine bottle required.

Books about Seeds and Seed Saving

Seed to Seed, Seed Savers Exchange, How-to guide to saving seeds from 160 different plants

Seed Saving for Home Use, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Free document to help you save seeds for next year’s Seedy Saturday

Kids’ Books about Seeds

Lola Plants a Garden, Growing Vegetable Soup and The Carrot Seed are great picture books for little ones.

If you really want to geek out on seeds…

Where our Food Comes From: Retracing Nikolay Vavilov’s Quest to End Famine, Gary Paul Nabhan, Vavilov was a Soviet seed scientist who amassed an enormous and valuable global seed bank in St. Petersburg. During World War II, his staffed died of starvation protecting the seeds rather than eat this collection expressing how vital seeds are to future generations.

Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault, Cary Fowler, Depending on your perspective Svalbard hosts the Noah’s Ark of seeds or the earth’s doomsday seed vault.

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