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Our farm is reliant on the support of the local community. There are countless ways that you can support the farm by donating your time, making a monthly donation or teaching others about the work that we do every day. Every dollar goes to providing fresh, local produce to the surrounding community, teaching others about the food system and expansion of our programs and physical space.

Organizations can host group tours, fundraising events, receptions or sponsor an EAT South program or workshop. Connect with your local community and engage your staff in a unique outdoor setting 

Do you have an idea? Have you recently visited? Can't figure out what you've got growing? We want to hear how the farm inspires you, ways that we can improve our programs and what you learned while you were here. Your opinion matters and improves the way that we communicate with others. 

sustaining support

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in-kind requests

The farm is a truly, living, breathing organization that requires constant care and upkeep. We care for a variety of plants and animals, which takes time, hard labor and daily maintenance. Inevitably, we run through resources and our needs span from small hand tools for volunteers to large farm equipment. Please contact us if you would like to make an in-kind donation.