Our Produce

In Alabama’s mild climate, something is growing year round at E.A.T. South. Each year we produce at least 70 different varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs - from the familiar yellow crookneck squash to heirloom varieties like Bowling Red Okra. Children sample our fresh fruits and vegetables during Good Food Day, we donate vegetables and flowers to community events, and we sell our produce at the Montgomery Curb Market. 

The Montgomery Curb Market (1004 Madison Ave. next to Crampton Bowl)  is our city’s oldest farmers market, and you can find E.A.T. South there on Saturdays from 7 to 11 am. (We’re on the Crampton Bowl side on the end near Madison Ave.) We share this market with other sustainable farmers and local food businesses. Meet some of our neighbors.

River Oaks Farm

Joy Haven Farm

Gold Branch Farm

Akins Farm

Deborah’s Lunch to Go

Wild Yeast Kitchen

Lost Creek Herbs