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Windows into Nature: Fairy Houses for Children and Families


Join E.A.T. South and environmental educator and author Renee Simmons Raney as we explore the natural world through fairy houses.

Building fairy houses gives children, ages 7-107,  an opportunity to balance their play time away from the world of technology. A daily dose of nature will improve attention, focus, and memory. Nature also has a healing power, improving children’s cognitive development. Creative play in nature nurtures language and collaborative skills, awareness, reasoning and observational skills. Creative nature play helps to instill a sense of place and connectivity through observation.Renee says, “Fairy houses are excellent tools for increasing observation skills. Thinking on a small scale inspires children to look at everything more closely, whether it is a leaf, a flower, or a bug. Instead of looking at the forest or farm as a whole, they begin to see all the diverse components that make up the floor, the canopy, and the creatures that inhabit it. There is a whole new world waiting in the woods and the garden! ”

Copies of Renee’s book Hairy, Scary but Mostly Merry Fairies will be available for purchase at the event. Tickets are $20 per family and can be purchased through Eventbrite or E.A.T. South's Facebook page.