Good Food Day Scholarship Program

In an effort to increase accessibility to our farm, E.A.T. South received a $1,500 grant from the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery to award scholarships to eligible schools for our Good Food Day Field Trip. If awarded a Good Food Day scholarship, the school will receive a 50% match for a field trip to our farm for the full seed to plate experience as well as mandatory participation with our standards-based assessments.


In order to apply for the Good Food Day Scholarship, your school must meet Title 1 qualifications and you must be a K-12 public school teacher.


As an agreement in the scholarship program, eligible schools must submit a field trip application and provide completed pre-assessments from all participating students before the day of the field trip. Additionally, students must complete a post-assessment at the conclusion of the Good Food Day field trip. Once compiled and analyzed by E.A.T. South staff, the data will be accessible to the school/teacher for education use. All assessments are aligned to Alabama State Standards.

Time Frame

This scholarship is available to eligible schools from March 21, 2016-March 21, 2017.


To apply, email our Education Director, Beth Anne Dunagan, at