EAT South

Good Food Day

E.A.T. south offers an interactive field trip where participants interact with our farm in many ways. During their field trip, students gain hands-on experience and enjoy an amazing day outside on our beautiful farm. 

Groups have the option of selecting their program as well as how long their trip lasts. Half Days are 1.5 hours and a Full Day is 3 hours. 


         PreK-2nd Grade

Farm Fun & Sensory Exploration

  • Farm Tour using 5  senses

  • Learning about our farm's ecosystem through song and dance

  • Story time

Plants are Fun for You and Me!

  • Farm tour using 5 senses

  • Plant parts, plant uses and how plants grow and thrive

  • Plant dissection

         3rd-5th Grade

Critters Big & Small

  • Farm tour using 5 senses

  • Good bugs vs Bad bugs

What's in Soil?

  • Farm tour using 5 senses

  • Mason Jar Test, pH, and organic matter

  • Observations, worm bin and mushroom bin exploration

Farm Ecology & Nutrition

  • Farm tour using 5 senses

  • Introduction to Food systems

  • Cooking demo and Little Chef's training utilizing freshly harvested produce to create simple meals

       6th Grade-College

Our Farms Matter

  • Experiments around the farm

  • Where are farms? How are we connected to farms and farmers?

  • Cooking demo utilizing freshly harvested produce to create simple meals

Justice in Our Food

  • Social Justice oriented program following issues in the food system

  • Experience engaging in farm chores, harvesting, and planting

I recently brought my class of 3 year olds here for a field trip since we are learning about farming. Truly awesome experience!


Half Day No Lunch: $8/student

Full Day No Lunch: $12/student

Half Day with Lunch: $14/student

Full Day with Lunch: $18/student

Chaperones: $5

Teachers: Free

Lunch $6/adult

optional craft materials:

Add a take-home craft to your Good Food Day!

$2- Bee Bath

$2- Clay Seed Balls

$2- Pickling

$2- Solar Ovens

$5- Mini-pot Tower


Our Produce

In Alabama’s mild climate, something is growing year round at E.A.T. South. Each year we produce at least 70 different varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs - from the familiar yellow crookneck squash to heirloom varieties like Bowling Red Okra. Children sample our fresh fruits and vegetables during Good Food Day, we donate vegetables and flowers to community events, and we sell our produce at the Montgomery Curb Market. 

The Montgomery Curb Market (1004 Madison Ave. next to Crampton Bowl)  is our city’s oldest farmers market, and you can find E.A.T. South there on Saturdays from 7 to 11 am. (We’re on the Crampton Bowl side on the end near Madison Ave.) We share this market with other sustainable farmers and local food businesses. Meet some of our neighbors.

River Oaks Farm

Joy Haven Farm

Gold Branch Farm

Akins Farm

Deborah’s Lunch to Go

Wild Yeast Kitchen

Lost Creek Herbs


 Build Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop

Build Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop


Workshops for the whole family

From seed to plate to policy, E.A.T. South’s workshops provide our River Region community with resources to learn about and grow good food. Our Farm in the City workshops offer hands-on learning opportunities to get your garden growing. Our Farm-ily workshops get the whole family outside to learn about plants, bugs, and animals through stories, crafts and games. Special workshops like Farm Bill 101 reveal how government decisions affect the way food travels to our plates.

Keep up with our workshops and events on our calendar or by following us on Facebook.

2018 Workshops.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions 

  The Downtown Farm master plan.  

The Downtown Farm master plan.  

Q. How many students can a Good Food Day accommodate?

Good Food Day can accommodate as few as 20 students, and as many as 200 students.  When there is a high volume of students attending the field trip, additional stations will be added to keep groups small.

Q. Should my students be in groups?

Yes.  Students should be broken up into groups by classrooms, homeroom or evenly broken into groups of 25 or less.

Q. What is a station?

Whether students are in groups to accommodate several classrooms, or it is a single class attending the trip, the students rotate through different stations where they engage in different activities.

Q. Can multiple grade levels attend the field trip?

For public, private, and magnet schools we prefer to have one grade level at a time for the field trip.  This is because the complexity of the content changes from grade level to grade level.  We want to ensure that students are having a fully enjoyable experience and do not feel left out due to the complexity or simplicity of the educational information presented.  E.A.T. South will accommodate two separate field trips in a day.

If it is not possible to break up into grade levels we are willing to accommodate for different ages and grade levels such as in home school or special needs groups.


Q. Can I make recommendations of what I would like the students to learn?

Yes.  If there is specific content that you want your students to learn because of a lesson they may be currently engaged in, make a note on the Good Food Day application form.

Q. What do the students wear to the farm?

All students should wear closed toed shoes, long pants and at least a short sleeved shirt.  E.A.T. South does not supply sun block or any other products or materials to accommodate for weather conditions.  During colder months, students should be sure to dress warmly for the weather.  The entire field trip is outside, so please come prepared.

Q. What if inclement weather affects our field trip?

Refer to the Booking, Cancellation and Weather Policies page for a full explanation of our inclement weather policy.

Q. Is there a first-aid kit on the farm?

Yes.  E.A.T. South is not responsible for administering any medical emergencies, such as an Epi-pen injection.

Q. Are there bathrooms on site?

Currently, we have two port-o-lets on site.

Q. How long is a Good Food Day field trip?

Generally, all field trips are about an hour-and-a-half.  When lunch is included, the field trip can be up to two hours.  For smaller groups the field trip may last an hour.

Q. What if we choose to cancel our field trip?

Refer to the Booking, Cancellation and Weather Policies page for a full explanation of our cancellation policy.

Q. How do I make a payment for the field trip?

Please make payments through E.A.T. South's PayPal account by clicking the Donate page .  If you prefer to pay via another payment method please contact the Education Coordinator, Beth Anne Dunagan at 

Q. Is the field trip based in Alabama state content standards?

Yes.  The field trip has a basic format it follows for all grade levels.  For each grade level, applicable standards are used to guide specific activities.