Our plants are organically grown to give you all of the necessary nutrients your body needs.


Dedicate yourself to eating within the season!

There are many great reasons to eat seasonal vegetables. With freshness, comes great taste but also higher nutritional yield. Buying locally and seasonally also promotes the local economy and environmental conservation. Because there is less transportation and factory packaging involved, the likelihood of contamination decreases exponentially. Finally, buying from your local farmer helps build relationships and harmony within a community. The Montgomery Curb Market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5am-2pm and is located next to the Crampton Bowl at 1004 Madison Avenue. The Fairview Farmer's Market is located at 60 W Fairview Ave and is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 8am-5pm. Both accept SNAP, WFMNP, and SFMNP.

EA.T South is a pesticide free location

EA.T South is a pesticide free location


Why organic?

Growing food organically is simply the best way to emulate nature. By refraining from pesticide use, we allow the farm's ecosystem to thrive without interruption. Benefits of organically growing food are the following:

  • Antioxidants

  • Fewer pesticides

  • People with allergies find that their symptoms lessen or go away

The use of pesticides on plants can lead to harmful side effects for the environment. E.A.T. South is not Certified Organic but uses organic practices and methods in both plant and animal care.