Montgomery Roots

E.A.T. South promotes access to healthy, fresh food and the benefits of a local sustainable food system. 

Montgomery Roots

E.A.T. South creates a food system that is shared, sustainable, healthy, affordable, responsible and equitably available. Together we spread food literacy and local food system data, strategically plan and connect diverse stakeholders around the one thing that brings us all together in the Deep South: GOOD FOOD. 


What is a Community Food System?

A Community Food System is a food system where all of the creating, processing, distributing, eating and throwing food away (waste) is thought about and put together locally to improve the health and wealth of a specific town, city, county, or region like the River Region.


Montgomery Roots, our local food collaborative network, brings people together from the different parts of the food system to the table to break bread, socialize, and find common interests and solutions in creating a community-based food system. At Montgomery Roots, everyone has a place at our table. From parents to policymakers, we try to bring people of all ages together to say what they need and want from their food system: better food access, good jobs, good health, safe communities and compassion. Everyone has a stake in our region’s food system and therefore we all have to do our part to buy local, cook at home, share skills and contribute money and time through our churches, schools, food banks, community gardens, farms, community centers and tax dollars.

Our Food Turn Up Report is an educational tool that shares practical ways to prevent and reduce chronic disease by creating a stronger and more local food system. We spent time in the communities of Ft. Deposit, Tuskegee and Montgomery: listening to and learning about our most pressing community needs and current relationship to food. 

Food Equity Worksheet