Market Inspiration

At the Montgomery Curb Market this week, we'll have all the ingredients you'll need for fresh delicious salads, but we have a few suggestions for other ways to enjoy spring eating.

Beet Green Frittata - From New York Times Cooking - Use our eggs, fresh garlic and beet greens for a spring breakfast (we eat this for dinner, too) treat. (Tip from a busy mom: consider skipping step one where you put beet greens in boiling water. Just wilt them in oil in your pan and pour in the eggs. You can also add cheese.)

Vietnamese Carrot and Radish Pickles (Do Chua) - We've got some spicy icicle radishes that would be delicious in this simple refrigerator pickle. If you've ever wondered what to do with a radish, this is a good answer. This Serious Eats recipe calls for daikon radish, but I use whatever kind is on hand. Save time by washing but not peeling them. Enjoy on sandwiches or as a side.

How to make a basic vinaigrette, the Kitchn, Dress our fresh greens in a basic vinegar dressing for one simple, delicious spring salad. One part acid (lemon juice, orange juice, vinegar) + four parts oil = easy, delicious, inexpensive, homemade salad dressing. Dress up your dressing with fresh chives or other herbs at the market.

Peas Shoots: The Taste of Spring, Food52, Pea shoots are the tasty tip ends of the pea plant. They're a fleeting spring time treat, and we'll have some Saturday. Try them!

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