Barrels of Fun (or Rain)

Our April Farm in the City workshop focused on water catchment and conservation. With help from Coosa River Keeper, U.S. Green Building Council Alabama, the RiverNetwork, and barrels from the Coca Cola Company, fifty households in the River Region are each saving up to 1300 gallons of water a year.

If you missed the workshop, here a resource list to help connect you with your own rain barrel or with water conservation organizations in Alabama.

Where to find the organizations who participated in the Rain Barrel Workshop

Coosa Riverkeeper, Facebook


USGS Water Science School- learn about all things water related!

Video from Coca-Cola & River Network on how to install your rain barrel!

Coosa River Swim Guide- Get the Skinny Before You Dip! Coosa Riverkeeper conducts citizen-based bacteriological monitoring from Earth Day to Labor Day Weekend that provides free water quality data to the public! We monitor 20 sites weekly and results are provided by noon on Friday. You can text SWIMGUIDE to 844-83 to get water quality alerts directly to your phone.

Where to find more rain barrels and supplies

If one barrel just isn’t enough, you can buy plastic barrels at Farmers Feed and Supply (16 E Fleming Rd, Montgomery) and the Prattville Farm Center (1154 S Memorial Dr, Prattville) for around $20. (E.A.T. South also has a limited number of left over barrels. Email to claim one.)

Farmers Feed and Supply also has commercially made rain barrels for sale.

Rain Barrel Depot is the source for the conversion kits you received at the workshop. They also sell very fancy rain barrels and compost bins.

Want to host your own rain barrel building workshop? Are you a part of a nonprofit? Check out the River Network’s Rain Barrel Workshop Planning Guide.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation uses tubes with small holes to slowly drip water into the ground next to your plants. Drip irrigation conserves water because you put it right where you want it, and you don’t lose a lot to evaporation. Saving water will also save money on your water bill.

Local Sources for Drip Irrigation - Home Depot and Lowes sell drip irrigation kits and some parts, but look for them in the plumbing, not the gardening, section. Ewing Irrigation (5890 Monticello Dr., Montgomery) also has all kinds of drip parts including small sprinklers.

Drip Works - California-based company that specializes in drip irrigation. Great customer service. They will help you think through your drip system, and their website has how-to videos, plans for drip irrigation and more.