• EAT South Downtown Farm (map)
  • 485 Molton St
  • Montgomery, AL, 36104
  • United States

As part of the Southern Makers celebration, ADCNR Wildlife and Freshwater fisheries, the US Forest Service, and E.A.T. South have teamed up to encourage Alabamians to source their food locally on public lands. On Sunday, May 3 from 1:30pm-3:00pm, please join us to learn about the health, economic, and environmental benefits of eating local meat and produce. The EAT Wild event will take place at the E.A.T. South Downtown Farm located at 485 Molton Street in the rear parking lot of the Montgomery Advertiser. The event will include an introduction to the locavore movement, a turkey hunting ‘how-to’ session, and an opportunity to learn about your public lands. After working up an appetite, local guest chef, Stacy Lyn Harris, will be cooking up some wild turkey to share with y’all! Whether you want to eat more healthfully, are interested in your public lands, or just want a new hobby, this event is a great way to get involved.